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World-class Industrial High Pressure Grease pumps with guaranteed performance & hassle free operation

Pump dispenses Grease at pressures upto 50 times the Air inlet pressure

Designed to work in tough conditions - these are ideal for use in Industry, workshop, farm, construction or as part of the Mobile Grease system

All metal construction, fully CNC machined with hardened wear resistant moving parts

Reciprocating piston operated 2-1/2” (63 mm) dia. air motor

Fitted with strainer at suction tube inlet for clean grease to the bearing

Supplied complete with Drum Cover, rubber lined follower plate, 7’ (84”) of high pressure grease hose, Z swivel & professional grease control valve

Portable version available with built-in steel drum , complete with wheels & pull handle


    • Fill the drum with Grease leaving empty space of about 2” from the top rim. Shake the drum after it is filled to remove air pockets. Place the follower plate in the grease drum with the lift handle facing upwards. Push the follower plate down, until some grease is forced through the centre hole on the plate.
    • Place the drum cover on the drum. Lift the pump assembly & slide the suction tube through the drum cover & centre hole in the follower plate.
    • Push the pump assembly down till the bottom of the pump touches the base of the drum. Adjust the drum cover and tighten it with the thumb screws provided along with the drum cover.
    • Tighten the drum cover with the pump suction tube with the help of thumb screws.
    • Use a wrench to tighten high pressure hose to the pump outlet.
    • Use a wrench to tighten the other end of the hose to Z Swivel of grease control valve. Tighten the outlet extension & coupler to the control valve outlet. Use thread sealant on all connections to ensure leak-proof working.
    • With the air supply turned off, connect the Air line into the air inlet on the pump.
    • An FRL (Filter-Regulator-Lubricator) unit must be used in the Air supply, before it is connected to the pump. Set the regulator to 6 BAR (90 PSI) or any required inlet pressure, but never more than 150 PSI (10 BAR) or less than 30 PSI (2 BAR).
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