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  • Groz manufactures a comprehensive range of mechanic’s vices useful for all medium to heavy duty applications. Manufactured from high quality grey iron castings - a very strong material with excellent shock absorbing capacity and immense strength under compression, these rigid & robust vices machined to close tolerances, are designed for smooth operation and reliability.
  • The front jaw beam with machined construction fully encloses the vice spindle protecting the threads from contaminants and damage. The long unbreakable malleable iron nut securely locked in the body ensures maximum thread surface contact and constant alignment between body and the sliding jaw. Jaws are hardened 45 ± 5 HRC. Perfect alignment of main screw and nut reduces wear and gives long trouble free service. Vices have an attractive blue finish with main screw and handle plated. The anvil has a ground finish.
  • A common sight in almost all workshops and garages, these are available with a fixed base for regular usage.


  • Name  CODE  ORDER NO
    BENCH VISE FIXED BASE  -  3" /75 mm BV/F/75 35400
    BENCH VISE FIXED BASE  -  4" /100 mm BV/F/100 35401
    BENCH VISE FIXED BASE  -  5" /125 mm BV/F/125 35402
    BENCH VISE FIXED BASE  -  6" /150 mm BV/F/150 35403
    BENCH VISE FIXED BASE  -  8" /200 mm BV/F/200 35404
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