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  • High volume - High pressure grease pump, ideal for greasing earth moving & agricultural equipment, automotive applications & anywhere where quick volume greasing is required
  •  Aluminium Die Cast Pump Head with Air Release Valve fitted on the Pump Head.
  •  Variable Handle Setting allows convenient use of the pump with grease of varying viscosity.
  •  Steel Drum Cover, Bucket & foot Rest.
  •  Built in Lift handle
  • Rubber Lining Follower Plate for forcing out trapped air in grease
  •  Includes 2 m x ¼” ID High pressure rubber hose (SAE 100 R2) , fitted with steel handle , extension & coupler
  • Swivel Adapter at Pump outlet for convenient handling of hose.
  • Pump develops up to 4000 PSI (275 BAR)
  • Delivers up to 9 gms per stroke (1 oz. per 3 strokes)
  • Select models are with wheels for ease of use


    • Pump Assembly (Pump Fitted onto a Steel Grease Bucket)
    • Lever Handle with fixing bolts & nuts
    •  Rubber Lining Follower Plate
    • High Pressure Hose fitted with steel handle, extension & coupler
    •  Removable Castor Wheels
    •  Pull Handle Only on Models with wheels
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