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  • Digital distance measuring wheels are very versatile.
  • They can handle multiple units of measure all in a single wheel since the menu buttons will allow you to choose from multiple units of measure.
  • Designed for any project requiring accurate long-distance measurements, measuring wheels are suited for a range of indoor or outdoor uses such as construction and landscaping.
  • To use, reset the wheel to zero, start walking, stop, read the measurement in the units (Feet/Inches for example) you last had the electronic counter set to, then if you so desire, you can push a button and cycle through the units and the counter will show you the same distance but in another set of units (Yards for example).
  • The disadvantage of owning a mechanical counter measuring wheel is that you are stuck with the single unit of measure, but with an electronic digital measuring wheel you have multiple units of measure to choose from in a single product.
  • The following measuring wheels use the latest innovative components to meet your needs and help to ensure you do your best work.


    • Acoustic guidance.
    • Reference angle measurement.

    • Re-calibration.

    • Conversion between measurement units

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