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  • Easy levelling, high-precision 360-degree digital display
  • Durable, the body is stretched with high-strength aluminium, which is resistant to falling and bending.
  • Save time and money, red external light spot identification, multi-level long-distance levelling and easy to get, the material required for pipe laying is more economical.
  • Digital display rotatable LCD screen, user-friendly content design, easy to adjust the level of the work piece; horizontal and inverted readings easily, solve the problem of difficult to judge the level of operation overhead.
  • Backlight design: keep its normal use on dark light.
  • Data holding function: Help the use on dark light.
  • Handy and portable design
  • Equipped with horizontal and vertical bubble level
  • Clear digital display showing the precise angle
  • On / Off button
  • Compact design allows you to carry it anywhere you require.


    • Acoustic guidance.
    • Reference angle measurement.

    • Re-calibration.

    • Conversion between measurement units

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