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  • STRENGTH is assured through an inner core of extreme tough Glass Fiber and an overlay of protective Poly Vinyl Chloride. The tape breaking point is more than 2,000N.
  • ACCURACY is almost comparable with that of conventional steel measuring tapes. The tolerance on MILLION TAPE: within +-5mm in 30 meters long.
  • LEGIBILITY is excellent as all marking are printed with ultraviolet-fixation permeating ink. Thereby, the markings are hardly come off for years of use.
  • NON-CONDUCTIVE tape blade is made of two non-conductive materials which render the tape absolutely safe from hazards. The tape has a proven dielectric strength of 200,000 V/m.


    • Vinyl leatherette covered ABS case.
    • Heat sealed markings on tape blade for longer life.
    • Durable winding mechanism.
    • Case reinforced with stainless steel band.
    • Stainless steel mouth.
    • 3mm width tape ribbon
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