• High Pressure Portable Grease Pump for quick effortless greasing in everyday lubrication such as greasing of excavators & other earth moving equipment, automotive & agricultural equipment etc.
  • Hands free operation; pump operates using the Foot Lever, which greatly reduces effort & allows high pressure greasing with highest comfort
  • Can be operated by hand when under low machinery.
  • Economical, pump is operated by a single person & uses low cost bulk grease.
  • Designed with all moving parts submerged in the same grease which needs to be pumped, thereby staying lubricated at all times.
  •  Moving parts create wave action in grease, auto removing air pockets & eliminating the use of a Follower plate.
  • Pump delivers over 2 gms of grease per stroke & develops 8700 PSI (600 BAR)
  • Works with NLGI 1, 2 & 3 Greases


    • Fill correct grade grease into the pump bucket.
    • Tamp the bucket on a firm surface to push the grease to displace air pockets trapped in the cavities in the base of the bucket.
    • Operate the pump by pressing the foot lever a few times until delivery commences.
    • Now the pump is ready for dispensing. When not in use, the pistol handle can be put into the nozzle holder provided at the side of the foot lever