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  • An excellent range of general purpose steel squares
  • Whilst ideal for everyday workshop use, these are also suitable for woodworking applications
  • Made from selected steel with hardened blade, these squares have accurate right angles both on the inside and outside.
  • Both the blade and stock are accurately ground which ensures straightness and parallelism.
  • This range of squares comes in handy for setting up and checking machinery, checking Carpenter's squares or using as a trysquare when marking joints or testing faces & edges.


  • Name  Code Order No.
    MACHINIST'S SQUARES 6"  SS/6 01103
    MACHINIST'S SQUARES 8"  SS/8 01104
    MACHINIST'S SQUARES 10"  SS/10 01106
    MACHINIST'S SQUARES 12"  SS/12 01107
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