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  • Heavy duty and rugged rotary barrel pump
  • Dual directional operation allows the pump to both empty and refill containers
  • Fits 15-55 gallons (50-205 litres) barrels
  • Comes with a choice of a 3 piece rigid extension tube or a telescopic suction pipe
  • Comes with 2” cast iron bung nut & discharge nozzle
  • Choice of a rubber boot to keep rain water & contaminants away
  •  Body is made of sturdy cast iron with precision machined cast iron vanes for better draw & smoother delivery


    • Insert the suction pipe assembly (4) into the barrel.
    • Slide the bung Adaptor (3) over the suction pipe and screw it onto the barrel. Use the bolt on the bung to tighten the suction pipe assembly.
    • Screw the pump body onto the suction pipe assembly (1).
    • Slide the handle (5) over the pump shaft and tighten it using the hexagonal bolt (2).
    • Screw the delivery nozzle (6) onto the threaded outlet on top of the pump body.
    • Prime the pump, if necessary, by adding a few drops of oil into the delivery nozzle (6). Rotate the handle assembly anticlockwise until the discharge begins.
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