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  • Made from stainless steel, these rules have a polished finish with permanently engraved clear to read graduations.
  • Imperial & Metric Combined Rules.
  • Imperial & Metric combined rules: These rules are graduated in metric dimensions on one edge and imperial on the other.Imperial dimensions are in 1/16th, 1/32nd & 1/64 ths. Metric dimensions are in 0.5mm & mm. Reverse side of the rule has a permanently engraved metric to imperial conversion table.
  • Metric rules: Graduated in metric dimensions 0.5mm & mm on both edges.


  • Name  Code Order No.
    MACHINIST'S SQUARES 6"  SS/6 01103
    MACHINIST'S SQUARES 8"  SS/8 01104
    MACHINIST'S SQUARES 10"  SS/10 01106
    MACHINIST'S SQUARES 12"  SS/12 01107
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